What to Expect at Your First Visit | Carolina Ear Care
What should you expect at your first visit to Carolina Ear Care? Our dedicated team will help you find the right hearing solution for your needs.
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What to Expect at Your First Visit

Comprehensive Hearing Exam

Outfitted with the highest standards in audiological equipment, Carolina Ear Care provides comprehensive hearing exams to diagnose hearing loss in adults. Experienced audiologist Dr. Chad B. Fox listens to your specific hearing-related concerns, then utilizes cutting-edge testing equipment for an accurate hearing assessment. If your test results indicate your hearing loss is due to a medical condition that can be resolved without hearing aids, Dr. Fox will collaborate with your physician to develop a treatment plan.

At our West Columbia hearing lab, you will receive your results with the exact nature of your hearing loss immediately, after which we will determine which hearing devices will best fit your budget and lifestyle. The next step is to test your selected hearing devices in a variety of simulated conditions such as talking on the phone, listening to music, and participating in group discussions. This will help Dr. Fox ensure your new listening devices are as effective as possible.

What Your Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Includes

During a diagnostic hearing exam in a sound-proof booth, Dr. Fox performs:

Pure-tone testing, during which you will wear earphones while Dr. Fox plays sound frequencies to detect the faintest tones you are able to hear from low (250 Hz) to high (8,000 Hz).

Speech testing, which Dr. Fox records on an audiogram to detect your speech reception threshold (SRT), and it is used to ensure the reliability of the pure-tone testing results. This test is especially helpful if you have hearing loss that causes you to have trouble understanding speech when background noise is present. During this test, Dr. Fox will also record your ability to recognize words properly and correctly repeat back words with background noise.

Tests of the middle ear to determine the level of function. Measurements will be taken for tympanometry to look for fluid, eardrum perforation, and wax, as well as acoustic reflex measures to help determine the type of hearing loss. Static acoustic measures are also taken to measure the volume of air in the ear canal, which can help detect tight ventilation tubes and eardrum perforation.

With the options available, why should you choose Dr. Chad B. Fox at Carolina Ear Care for your comprehensive diagnostic hearing exam? Our large selection of state-of-the-art hearing aids, lowest price guarantee, and unmatched service are just a few reasons our happy patients keep returning, and why you should make us your first choice for audiology care in West Columbia.

Is a hearing loss diagnosis all that stands in the way of an improved quality of life through better hearing? Let us determine the extent of your hearing loss and get you custom-fitted with hearing aids so you can communicate at work, at home, and everywhere else you go where hearing is essential. Call audiology specialist Dr. Fox for your comprehensive hearing exam in West Columbia, South Carolina today at (803) 926-2220, or request an appointment online.

Our hearing evaluations help to make everyday sounds better.


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