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There are many types of hearing aids and Carolina Ear Care’s team of professionals will help choose the right hearing aid for you.
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Types of Hearing Aids

Though we may not yet have flying cars as predicted in a memorable movie several decades ago, modern technology has come a long way, bringing us fingerprint recognition and hoverboards. Technology has also brought advances in hearing devices, so people with varying degrees of hearing loss can enjoy the sounds of human speech, music, and many other beautiful noises.

Advances in digital hearing have made hearing aid selection a complex matter. It is important to choose a highly trained hearing aid expert to help you select your devices that best suit your individual level of hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. Dr. Chad B. Fox offers cutting-edge hearing aids right here at our independent audiology practice, with solutions to suit virtually any physical requirements, activity level, and price point.

Having obtained the highest level of certification as an audiologist, Dr. Fox is able to diagnose your hearing loss, as well as properly fit you with hearing aids, and perform follow-up sessions to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new devices. Dr. Fox goes the extra mile to ensure you make a well-informed decision when selecting your hearing aids, offering highly competitive prices on the very best, state-of-the-art listening devices on the market.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids, providing superior listening comfort.

We also offer open-ear hearing aids for a discreet appearance and effortless listening capabilities.

Bluetooth accessories are available connecting you to phones and other media devices.

Our money-back guarantee and 3-year warranty removes the risk from your purchase and ensures that you will be pleased with the comfort level and results from your new hearing aids. Unlike chain stores that sell hearing aids, our hearing aids can be serviced anywhere, and you’ll never have to go without your hearing aids just because you move or choose to go elsewhere.

Ready to restore your hearing loss with one of our cutting-edge hearing devices? Call for a custom fitting appointment with audiologist Dr. Fox in our West Columbia, South Carolina office today at (803) 926-2220, or request an appointment online.

Discover the latest in hearing aid technology


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